• Maryland Ave Community Information

Bi-Weekly Project Update for January 25, 2021- February 7, 2021

Two Week Look Ahead - DDOT Project

  • Transfer to temporary poles (5th to 12th street).

  • Install 20Ft SL/TS Poles (6th to 12th St)

  • Work on lead walks (8th and 10th Street)

  • Work on bump-outs and straight curb (10th and 11th Street) (Outbound)

  • Work on Brick sidewalk (9th to 8th Street) (Outbound)

  • Miss Utility Tickets -Maryland Ave NE between 1oth St and 14th St.

  • Tree Protection (14th Street to 8th Street)

  • Saw Cutting (B/W 6th and 12th St)

  • Traffic light foundations (8th to 14th St)

  • E. Pipe Stubs for streetlights

  • E MH- 15.04

  • E MH-15.06

  • Test Pits (B/w 10th and 14th St)

  • PCC Base Repairs (B/W 9th and 14th St)

  • SD MH-7 (7th Street Intersection).

To Week Look Ahead - Washington Gas and Light Ahead

  • 500 Block C St NE - Inbound, Continue installation of the gas service

  • 4th & Maryland Ave NE, - 300 Block of Mass. Ave Continue gas main installation.

  • 1200/1300 Block of Maryland Ave, continue disconnects.

Project Updates – DDOT

  • Transfer to temporary poles on between 5th to 12th St.

  • Continued installation of 20Ft SL/TS Poles between 6th to 12th St.

  • Continued installation of curb, gutter and brick sidewalk installation at Maryland Ave, inbound from 8th St to 7th St.

  • Continued brick gutter, wheelchair ramps, granite curb and brick sidewalk for the bump outs at inbound from 9th St.

  • Continued Storm Drain Inlet I-24 installation at 9th St intersection.

  • Continued PCC Base Repairs (B/W 9th and 14th St)

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