• Maryland Ave Community Information

Biweekly Project Update 09/06/2021 – 09/19/2021

Two Week Look ahead by DDOT contractor

  • Pulling electric cables for communication and streetlight (10th to 3rd Street)

  • Pulling fiber optic cables (14th to 3rd street)

  • Work on granite curb and sidewalk (3rd to 2nd street) Outbound

  • Paving (11th to 8th street)

  • Work on medians (6th street to D street)

  • Pavement marking (14th street to 11th street)

  • PCC base repairs (B/W 10th and 3rd St) As required

  • Clean storm sewer inlets and manholes

Project Updates – DDOT

  • FMCC continued transfer to temporary poles between 7th St to 14th St.

  • FMCC continued install 20ft & 28.5ft SL/TS poles between 7th St to 14th St.

  • FMCC cont. pulling cables for the communication &streetlights from 10th St to 3rd St.

  • FMCC continued excavation, granite curb and brick sidewalk at Maryland Ave between 2nd and 4th St.

  • FMCC completed paving 11th to 15th street.

  • Omni continued Traffic light foundations between 5th to 12th St.

  • Omni continued cleaning storm sewer manholes and inlets on Maryland Ave between 14th St to 4th St.

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