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Project Update 09/30/19-10/06/19

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Monday 09/30/19- Sunday 10/06/19

The following activities were completed this week: electrical duct bank installation for RI-15.05, RI-15-02, RI-14.07, RI-14.05, RI-14.03, RI-14.02 and RI 13.05; installation of catch basin I-47; backfill around I-47 and backfill around I-44; electrical duct bank installation for RI-11.03; backfilled mainline between 11th and 12th street; excavated to install connection pipe to II-44; backfilled areas along the main electrical duct bank; no progress on I-44 as planned due to MOT conflict with lighting crew; installation of RI-12.03; contractor cancelled work on stormwater activities; electrical work continued on RI-12.01, RI 12.03, and RI 12.04.

*Please note: There was no work performed on 10/05 or 10/06.

** Please check the Traffic Advisory page for updates.

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