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Project Update - Dec 30-Jan 5

The Maryland Avenue Safety Project continues to progress into the new year. The work below represents the accomplishments during the December 30-January 5 time period. a

Project progress is as follows:

  • Electrical duct bank and Manholes installation on Maryland Avenue NE at 14th St, 12th St and 8th intersections.

  • Started Storm Sewer Brick Manhole No. 21 installation on Maryland Ave, N/S near 13th St.

  • Poured pipe curb collar (PCC) over the existing brick sewer line for the Sewer Manhole No. 26 tie ins on Maryland Avenue, N/S near Elliott St.

*Bus stop relocations: None at this time

*Lane closures: Lane closures continue between 12th and 14th St both inbound and outbound adjacent to the median

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