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Project Update October 26 - Nov 1, 2020

Two Week Look Ahead - DDOT Project

  • Transfer to temporary poles (5th to 12th street).

  • Install 20Ft SL/TS Poles (6th to 12th St)

  • Installation of Brick Sidewalk, work on bump-outs and Bio-retentions (6th St & Mass Ave and 7th and D St)

  • Work on Bump-outs (12th to 13th street) (Inbound)

  • Saw Cutting (B/W 6th and 12th St)

  • Streetlight foundations (6th to 12th St)

  • Test Pits (B/w 11 and 13th St)

  • SD I-40 (13th street intersection)

  • SD M-38 (13th street intersection)

  • SD M-25 (B/w Elliot and 13th St)

  • SD M-23 (B/w Elliot and 13th St)

  • SD M-25 to M-23 (B/w Elliot and 13th St)

  • SD FC-3 and M-14

  • SD Basin connecting Pipe I-27 to M-14

  • SD M-7 (7th street intersection)

Two Week Look Ahead - Washington Gas & Light

  • 700 Block of Maryland Avenue NE - SVCS

  • 700 Block of Maryland Avenue NE - SVCS

  • 600 Block of Maryland Avenue NE - MAIN - INBOUND LANES


DDOT Project Update

  • Continued transfer of existing poles to temporary poles and installation of 20Ft SL/TS Poles from 6th St to 12th St on Maryland Ave.

  • Continued Brick Sidewalk and bump outs installation at 7th St and D St.

  • Continued Street light foundations from 6th St to 10th St on Maryland Ave.

  • Continued Fire Hydrant installation at 6th St and Maryland Ave intersection.

  • Continued SD Basin connect pipe installation I-32 & I-35 to Ex. M-10 at 11th St intersection.

  • Continued RCP pipe installation from M-37 to Ex. M-10 at11th St intersection.

Lane Closures:

  • As a part of the Maryland Avenue NE Streetscape Project, DDOT and FMCC will continue daily lane closures on the outbound and inbound lanes at multiple locations on Maryland Ave NE between 2nd Street and 14th Street during summer and fall this year.

  • DDOT will maintain one lane each direction during daily lane closures

  • The daily lane closures for the DDOT work will be performed from 8:00am-5:00pm Monday – Friday and Saturdays as needed, weather and construction conditions permitting.

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