• Maryland Ave Community Information

Project Updates 05/18-24/2020

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

DDOT Project Team contractor Fort Myer Construction

  • Maryland Avenue NE, Inbound between 14th St to 7th St, PCC base repairs, temporary asphalt placement, street light poles, PCC bus pads, and temporary pavement marking installation.

  • Maryland Avenue NE, Outbound between 4th St and 6th St, installed storm drains, inlets, and storm drain manholes

  • Maryland Avenue NE, between 2nd St and 4th St, electric duct banks, conduits, electrical manholes, and street light pole foundations installations.

  • Maryland Avenue NE, Inbound between 7th St to 6th PCC base repairs over the utility trenches.

Washington Gas contractor Infrasource

  • All main abandonment, installation & service replacement work along the outbound lanes of Maryland Avenue (3rd -6th Street NE). This includes work on the south side of C Street and work on the 600th Block of Massachusetts Ave. NE.

  • All main installation and service replacement work on Maryland Avenue between 6th Street NE and 13th Street NE.

  • Main installation work has been completed at the following locations:

  • C St & 7th St NE, 8th St & Maryland Ave NE, 9th and D St NE & Intersections of 11th St & Maryland Ave NE

  • Work at the intersection of E ST & 9th St NE (northeast corner of intersection) has been completed.

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