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Project Updates 05/25-31/20

Weekly Update- DDOT Project Team: Fort Myer Construction

  • The team continued wheelchair ramp and sidewalk installation at Maryland Avenue, Constitution Ave, and 2nd St intersection.

  • Team 28Ft SL/TS Poles installation on Maryland Ave between the 14th St to 6th St.

  • PCC base repairs over the utility trenches at 4th St intersection around Station Park.

  • Continued concrete encased electrical conduit duct bank and light pole foundations installation on Maryland Avenue between 2nd and 4th St intersection.

Two Week Look ahead for DDOT Project:

  • Maryland Avenue NE, Inbound between 14th St to 7th St, PCC base repairs, temporary asphalt placement, street light poles, PCC bus pads.

  • Maryland Avenue NE, Outbound between 4th St and 6th St, Strom drains, inlets and storm drain manholes Installations.

  • Maryland Avenue NE, between 2nd St and 4th St, electric duct banks, conduits, electrical manholes and street light pole foundations Installations.

Two Week Look ahead for WGL Project:

  • Main abandonment work remains on Maryland Avenue between 6th Street NE & 13th Street NE. This work should be isolated and not affect many residents.

  • Excavations at the northeast corner of C St, 6th St & Maryland Ave as well as southwest corner of Maryland Ave & 7th St intersection.

  • Also currently working on the main installation on the 1300 Block of Maryland Ave. Next week the crew will be installing pipe across Maryland Ave at the intersection of Maryland Ave and 14th St. Roughly two weeks to cross the intersection. Once complete, the crew will start installing main in the 1300 Block of Maryland Ave in the inbound lanes.

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