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Project Updates 07/20-08/02/2020

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

The two week look ahead is now included as a part of the project update. The updates, which included work performed for the DDOT project, are listed after the two week look ahead.

DDOT Project Team - Two Week Look Ahead

  • Transfer to temporary light poles and install new poles 20Ft SL/TS Poles on Maryland Ave 4th St to 8th St.

  • Work on Bump-outs, Brick Sidewalk, Ramps, and Medians on MD Ave and at 4th St.

  • Electrical conduits and manholes installations for the Street Lights and Traffic signal at Stanton Park, 6th St, and Mass Avenue intersection.

  • Electrical conduits for the Street Crossings and light pole foundations installation on MD Ave outbound between 7th St to 9th St.

  • Storm Drain Inlet -28, and basin connection pipe installation on the MD Ave at 10th St intersection.

  • Storm Drain Manhole-09, Inlet-10, and basin connection pipe installation on the MD Ave at 7th St and D St intersection.

  • Storm Drain Manhole 33, Manhole 34, and RCP storm drainpipe installation on the MD Ave between 6th St and 7th St intersection.

Washington Gas Light - Two Week Look Ahead

  • WGL Crew 1 will continue working on the gas service replacement at 1300 Block of Maryland Ave inbound.

  • WGL Crew 2 will continue working on the gas main installation on at 1200 Block of Maryland Ave inbound.

Lane Closures

  • As a part of the Maryland Avenue NE Streetscape Project, DDOT and FMCC will continue daily lane closures on the outbound and inbound lanes at multiple locations on Maryland Ave NE between 2nd Street and 14th Street during summer and fall this year.

  • DDOT will maintain one lane each direction during daily lane closures

  • The daily lane closures for the DDOT work will be performed from 8:00am-5:00pm Monday – Friday and Saturdays as needed, weather and construction conditions permitting.

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