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Project Updates June 1-7, 2020

The weekly update will also include the two-week look ahead for both the DDOT and Washington Gas project. The work completed section will consist of work completed by the DDOT team only.

DDOT Two Week Look Ahead

  • Work on bump-outs, curb gutter, and sidewalk installation on Maryland Avenue NE, inbound between 13th St to G St.

  • Install PCC bus pad at Mass Avenue and 4th St intersection.

  • Install 20ft SL/TS poles on Maryland Ave between 2nd and 6th St.

  • Work on storm drains, inlets, and storm drain manholes installations on Maryland Avenue NE, outbound between 6th St and 8th St

  • Utility trench repairs on Maryland Avenue NE, between 2nd St and 4th St.

Washington Gas Two Week Look Ahead

  • Main abandonment work remains on Maryland Avenue between 6th Street NE & 13th Street NE. This work should be isolated and not affect many residents. (Crew 1 on the abandonment between 6th St. & Maryland Ave and 7th St & Maryland Ave.)

  • Continue excavations at the northeast corner of D St, 7th St & Maryland Ave.

  • Crew 2 is currently working on the main installation on the 1300 Block of Maryland Ave inbound.

  • The pavement restoration crew is anticipating starting trench repairs at 1300 block of Maryland Ave, outbound.

Work Completed June 1-7, 2020

  • Started demolition for the PCC bus pad granite curb installation on Maryland Ave inbound at 7th St.

  • Continued 28Ft SL/TS Poles installation on Maryland Ave between 14th St to 6th St.

  • Continued transfer to temporary poles on Maryland Ave between 2nd to 5th street.

  • Continued concrete encased electrical conduit duct bank and light pole foundations installation on Maryland Avenue around Stanton Park.

  • Continued PCC bus pad granite curb installation on Maryland Ave inbound at 7th St.

  • Continued bump‐outs and ramps installation at Maryland Ave and 14th St, inbound.

  • Performed PCC base repair over the utility trench on Avenue Maryland Avenue around Stanton Park

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